MDG Industries was created with the vision of providing for my small family and delivering the Indigo Shire community and all our clients a professional service that they could rely on.

I completed my trade in Brisbane and over the years I have gained a very broad experience base as an electrician. I have completed work for government departments, multinational companies and industrial manufacturers, as well as for boutique stores and residential clients. No job is too big or small - too simple or complex.

I am passionate about minimising my impact on the environment. As an electrician, I know that the choices we make in regard to electricity usage will have a direct impact on both our power bills and the earth. I am committed to working with clients to achieve the best outcome for their project and the environment.

MDG Industries is a member of various industry associations and I take part in continuous professional development in order to give you the best, most up to date knowledge and advice.

I am both the company Director and the electrician on the tools so you can be assured that the service you receive from MDG Industries is seamless and exactly what you require.

Matt Gallagher - Director / Electrician